This supercut of Kate McKinnon talking about her cat is all of us

We love Kate McKinnon. Like, she is our biggest crush of the summer. Not only does she absolutely kill it on the new Ghostbusters, but she’s not afraid to speak up for gay rights. And now we have a whole other reason to adore her: she’s a cat lady, just like us.

In the video below, you can watch clips of Kate McKinnon discussing her cat Nino during interviews:

Some of our favorite lines include:

“The funniest person you’ve never heard of is my cat, Nino.”

“If I had Instagram it would just be pictures of my son… who is a cat.”

“Close friends describe me as covered in cat hair.”

“I did go to him and say, will you be my cat husband, please?”

And, of course, her memorable cat sounds she reenacted for Seth Meyers.

We are so happy to see another celebrity cat lady! And we hope one day she does start an Instagram, we’d totally be on board with it just being pictures of her cat.

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