Every incredible outtake from the Kate McKinnon/Justin Bieber SNL sketch

Our love for Kate McKinnon knows no bounds: She’s mega-talented and unbelievably charming — and we’re not ashamed to admit we’re obsessed. The Emmy-nominated actress and comedian has us belly-laughing on a weekly basis as a cast member on SNL; and we know she’s going to kill it in the reboot of Ghostbusters next year. Everything she does is pure comedy gold.

From Weekend Update’s Olya Povlatsky to her spot-on impersonation of Ellen Degeneres, McKinnon is responsible for some of our favorite characters of all time. In particular, few things can compare to the brilliance that is Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber — and lucky for us, we officially get to see more of it.

For those unfamiliar, McKinnon’s Bieber impression is next-level incredible. She’s been doing it on SNL for the past couple years, and she’s perfected his mannerisms to a tee. When Bieber released his campaign with Calvin Klein earlier this year, it was immediately met with an onslaught of parodies and memes across the Internet — but SNL‘s parody with McKinnon was easily the best. In the sketch, McKinnon dribbled a ball with her “pee-pee,” terrorized Cecily Strong’s Lara Stone, and turned poking fun into an art form. It’s a must-see. (Even Bieber loved it!)

However, with SNL on summer break and Bieber being relatively well-behaved, we haven’t gotten to see very much of McKinnon-as-Bieber lately. But fear not: The TV gods have smiled down on us. Earlier this week, NBC released a bonus reel of outtakes from the McKinnon/Bieber sketch — and it is everything.

In the reel, we get three and half more glorious minutes of McKinnon in character. It’s obvious everyone on set had a blast with this sketch, and watching McKinnon improv Bieberisms might just be my new favorite thing. This bonus footage is just as amazing as the sketch that made it to air — and further proves McKinnon is one of the SNL greats.

(Image via video.)

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