Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig are making us want to adopt a ghost cat from ‘Whiskers R We’

Saturday Night Live cast member Kate McKinnon and alumni Kristen Wiig are each hilarious on their own, but put these two in the same SNL skit together, and the result is funnies for days. Kristen returned to the sketch comedy show last night as host and it was totally awesome. Every sketch of the night was an absolute delight to watch as Kristen was totally at home in the program that first put her on the map.

But the sketch between Kate and Kristen all about cats gave us some of the biggest LOLs of the night.


We will be quoting some of their fun phrases the rest of our lives.

“A cat is a friend is fur.”

“Cats are the croutons on the salad of life.”

“A cat is an angel that poops in a box.”

The two funny women clearly had a delightful time being hysterical cat-lover friends.

With their collaboration on Ghostbusters along with their many years working together on SNL, it’s no surprise that Kristen and Kate are so close to each other.

The playful sexual tension between the characters made this sketch even more fun to watch.

Yup, Kate and Kristen—going by the names Barbara DeDrew and Furonica—are feline enthusiasts that work at Whiskers R We. They’re hosting a Thanksgiving Catacopia in honor of the holiday, and there are so many cats in need of homes.

Theres Simon Cowell, "a grumpy British shorthair [who] knocked up his best friend's wife" or Dizzy, who "is into S&M—saucers of milk" and Pearl, who is "white as a ghost because she is one—she died in the 1940s but she's sticking around 'cause she has unfinished business."

Everything about this sketch is total purr-fection. Is it too much to ask to have a whole TV series or at least a feature length movie dedicated to these two? We certainly don’t think so.

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