Kate McKinnon playing Kristen Stewart on “Saturday Night Live” is everything we hoped and dreamed

It’s no secret that Kate McKinnon is our everything. She’s always hilarious, to the point where you’d think that maybe it’s magic. Last night on Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon played Kristen Stewart and, even though we didn’t think it was possible, it made us love her even more.

Whether she’s playing Justin Beiber or Hillary Clinton, McKinnon’s comedy is always spot-on.

We can’t even blame her for slip-ups, TBH. Last week on SNL, McKinnon and Louis C.K. cracked each other up. It may have messed up the sketch, but we were totally charmed.

Last night, the incomparable sketch show pitted stars from 1977 against stars from 2017 in a time-traveling Family Feud. Harry Styles cameo’d as Mick Jagger, and host Jimmy Fallon played both a younger, and an older, John Travolta.

However, Kate McKinnon really stole the show. Her impression of Kristen Stewart? Flawless. Between her slight mumble, her “mind=blown” gesturing, and her awkward physicality, McKinnon totally nailed it. You can watch the sketch in full here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWWfVqswylo

When McKinnon is introduced as Stewart, Kenan Thompson's Steve Harvey tells her, "You look like a witch cursed you not to smile, but you trying anyway."

And, we can’t argue with that. Especially when McKinnon perfected the half-grin, half-grimace facial expression we often see Kristen Stewart use when she’s being interviewed.


She kind of nails it.


Later, Stewart and Liza Minnelli (special shout-out to Cecily Strong for an impression that made us LOL constantly) go head to head.

"You look like a little orphan boy, but you're so beautiful!" Strong, as Minelli, tells McKinnon's Stewart.


Obviously, Kristen Stewart is a badass, and McKinnon’s impression is all in good fun. Especially for us, because we could not stop laughing.

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