Kate McKinnon morphs from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders in this hilarious “SNL” skit

The brilliant and talented performers on Saturday Night Live are already well-known for their ability to transform into hilarious characters and to nail (especially political) impressions. From Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin to Darrell Hammond’s Donald Trump, nobody in politics is safe from these goofy jokesters. But in this latest hysterical sketch, Kate McKinnon takes that ability to a new level.

Starting with a spot-on Hillary Clinton impression, the sketch begins as if it were a “normal” Hillary advertisement. But they couldn’t leave it just there, of course. The Democratic candidate has been catching a lot of flak for seeming to change to try become more universally appealing, especially with the young voters who seem to love her competition, Bernie Sanders. So in typical SNL fashion, the sketch takes a turn for the humorous by making Hillary’s words starts to sound more and more like her counterpart. Then, of course, they take it to the next level and she not only begins to say things that sound like Bernie Sanders… she begins to actually sound and look like Bernie Sanders.

Kate nails both impressions (and the spot-on hair and makeup certainly help sell it even further). Watching a character slowly transform from one person into another is funny no matter which two people you’re going between (especially if Kate’s the one doing it). But the cadence and appearance of the two candidates are so different, that seeing one person pop back and forth between them becomes even more delightful.

Watch and enjoy it for yourself. And if this sketch is any indication, SNL is still on-point with their political satire game and will be one of the shows you can’t miss during this upcoming election.

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