Kate McKinnon does a spot-on Gal Gadot impression

She’s a full-fledged comedy goddess, but even Kate McKinnon gets awestruck around Gal Gadot. Since she’s actually spent time with Wonder Woman herself IRL, McKinnon had some jealous-inducing insight to share about Gadot when she stopped by The Tonight Show this week. And since she’s Kate McKinnon, she obviously offered up a killer impression of the mesmerizing actress, too.

After dishing to Jimmy Fallon about her reaction to being included in Hillary Clinton’s book (“That’s just the craziest thing that ever happened to me”), McKinnon kept the gush fest going — talking about the week she spent with Gadot when the actress recently hosted Saturday Night Live.

McKinnon perfectly captured the larger-than-life presence we all imagine Gadot emanating.

And she admitted that she and her fellow castmates were in awe working with her. “Whew,” McKinnon sighed after Fallon brought up Gadot. “She’s like, not that special, right? I’M KIDDING.”

"Oh my gosh, wow. She really made an impact down at SNL," McKinnon continued. "I was with Aidy Bryant, and we just had a bunch of stuff to do with [Gadot] that week, so we talked to her a lot and we were just like, 'Oh, okay. Now we know that we are Midwestern toads compared to this like Mediterranean goddess.'"

We’d have to strongly disagree with the toad assessment but if we met Gadot, we’d probably need to take a minute to process too.

McKinnon then went on to spit a spot-on Gadot impression, describing how the actress has the ability to convince you everything she says is a prophecy. Aside from making mortgage rates sound fascinating, Gadot wowed McKinnon and everyone else at a cast dinner by getting even the famously-reserved Lorne Michaels to open up about his childhood.


Anybody who’s seen Gadot slay in Wonder Woman won’t be surprised by these stories (we were entranced when she ate a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for the first time, after all), but it’s still fun to hear them, especially when we’re hearing them in McKinnon’s Gal Gadot voice. And Kate? Next time you and Aidy hang with Gal, please let us know. We’d love an invite.

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