Kate McKinnon teaches you about financial literacy with this new PSA, and prepare to LOL

Update, April 3rd, 5:36 p.m. PT: This article has been edited to correct Beth Kobliner’s name.

Let’s face it: Adulting is hard. There are student loans to be payed off and taxes to file, all while trying to save money. But luckily, when it comes to finances, Kate McKinnon is here to help with a hilarious new PSA — and it involves pizza. ICYMI, April is Financial Literacy Month. And to celebrate, McKinnon partnered with New York Times bestselling author Beth Kobliner to record a video about money matters like credit cards, loans, and the importance of saving.

In the clip, McKinnon acts as teacher to three children, Justine, Ricky, and Jillian. She begins by handing out tickets the kids can use to buy different prizes. And the first lesson comes when Justine tries to buy something she doesn’t have enough tickets for.

"I could give you the glasses — if you choose to take out a loan," McKinnon explains to Justine. "That means I’m going to lend you two tickets, but then you have to come back to my house next week with nine tickets."

Thankfully, Kobliner steps in with a warning that borrowing money could result in ultimately paying more tickets.

And when it comes to the importance of saving, McKinnon couches the lesson in something everybody loves: pizza.

"Would you rather eat one bite of pizza now or a whole slice later?" she asks, before Kobliner again intervenese to talk about delayed gratification.

The video is full of other gems, from one girl teaching McKinnon all about what a “gagitator” is to the kids explaining their opinions of credit cards.


Kobliner intended the video to help parents explain the basics of money to their kids. The author, whose books include Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not), has written that financial habits are set as young as seven years old.

McKinnon and Kobliner may have meant to teach children about financial literacy, but there’s still plenty to learn — and laugh at — in the video. Financial Literacy Month is the perfect excuse for a financial refresh, and we’ll be thinking of these lessons as we evaluate our spending habits.

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