God bless Kate McKinnon and this bonkers entrance on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”

Kate McKinnon has got the moves and wants the world to know it. Just when we thought we couldn’t love the Saturday Night Live star any more — Kate McKinnon made perhaps the most epic entrance in the history of television talk shows. While appearing on Live with Kelly and Ryan to promote her new film, Rough Night, Kate McKinnon took some time to show off her fierce dancing skills in all their glory.

Normally when a star makes an entrance on a talk show they walk out, wave to the audience a bit, and sit down for the interview portion of the event. Not Kate McKinnon. The comedy queen spent a solid 35-second dancing before taking her seat alongside hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. And she wasn’t doing any traditional dance moves — instead, Kate high-fived an entire row of the enthusiastic audience, kicked off her shoes, and rocked her way to the stage.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest were suitably impressed — both by Kate McKinnon’s moves and by her commitment to dancing. But McKinnon confessed she had motivations beyond simply making a grand and unforgettable entrance.

“I felt a lot of pressure because I was told backstage that there are end-of-year-awards for best walk-out,” Kate McKinnon explained to Ripa and Seacrest. This left McKinnon with an important choice to make. “And I thought, ‘I’ve got to either roll on the floor or kick my shoes off.’ And I went with shoes, because there’s paper on the floor.”

We’re glad Kate McKinnon opted for kicking off her shoes, as it resulted in one of the best television entrances we’ve ever seen.


And Kate, don’t worry about the award for best walk-out — we have a sneaking suspicion that it’s in the bag.

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