Kate McKinnon & Aidy Bryant save Santa in this hilarious SNL sketch

What happens when someone kidnaps Santa? Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon crime-fighting duo “Dyke and Fats” save the day and seriously, the sketch it is the holiday gift we need right now. Officers Les Dykawitz and Chubbina Fatzarelli, respectively played by McKinnon and Bryant, team up to save Christmas by rescuing Santa, who has been kidnapped by gangsters. Armed with handy weapons like holiday wreath-lassos and a gun that only shoots mustard (perfect for the hot dog Fats keeps with her at all times), the two make easy work of the criminals and make it back to their boss, this time played by host and professional wrestler John Cena.


As the bit usually goes, their boss struggles not to call them Dyke and Fats (only they can call each other that). So in this episode, they praise him for his restraint, but then he turns around and says they’re pretty good cops — for “broads.” Dyke and Fats lose it, screaming “we’re back to the woman thing?” and “we’re past it!”

The point is, of course, that we aren’t past it, even though we should have left such blatant sexism behind a long time ago. Keep fighting the good fight, Dyke and Fats.

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