Kate Hudson’s shaved head has grown out into an adorable pixie haircut

Whenever a celebrity makes a dramatic change, it happens to make headlines. Fans were all about Kate Hudson’s shaved head back in July because she wore the look well. In fact, it was kind of an inspiration for us to consider picking up the clippers.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Hudson has recently been spotted with a bit more hair, and it looks like she’s growing out her look into a pixie cut. The good news? She looks fantastic with this ‘do as well.

In case you’re a little out of the loop, Hudson shaved her head for a movie that she filmed with Sia and Maddie Ziegler called Sister. Hudson probably dug the role so much that she didn’t mind making such a bold move.

These photos show Hudson smiling with her new pixie, and it’s proof that she looks great with literally any style.


While buzzing your hair might be a little scary for some, we can imagine that starting fresh probably felt pretty good. We also like the fact that Hudson is currently keeping her hair natural, and not in any hurry to dye it.


Since growing out your hair can be somewhat of a pain, we’re looking forward to following Hudson’s hair journey for a little bit of inspiration. We have a feeling that she’ll be able to style her short locks in ways we never even thought of before.


We already miss the shaved head, but no matter what, we’ll always be able to remember Hudson’s daring cut when her movie premieres. Sister is currently in post-production — fingers crossed that a release date comes out soon.

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