Kate Hudson’s Fabletics *finally* comes in plus sizes

As much as everyone talks a big game about body positivity in fashion, there are still so many brands that don’t offer plus sizes. The struggle doesn’t stop there, either. Even when plus size shoppers can find their size, finding a plus size item that’s cute and also made of a nice, quality fabrics is yet another hurdle for shoppers. This is why it’s encouraging to know that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics now offers plus sizes, so at least when it comes to athliesure, there’s another option. The launch comes just a few weeks after Nike released their own plus size line, though Fabletics has been working on their line for over a year.

ICYMI: Fabletics is Hudson’s brand of workout clothes and swimwear that works on a subscription model.

The brand rolled out its April collection this week with expanded sizes — from XXS to XXL to XXS to 3X — though Hudson told Refinery29 that they’re open to introducing an even wider range of sizing moving forward.

If they see that people are into it, of course. Hudson stressed that the brand is all about empowering women, so it made sense to venture in to plus sizes, though they had to do some research first and make sure that there was a demand for more sizing.

“It makes sense, doesn’t it — our whole brand is about inclusivity and wanting everyone to be involved in it. It was a natural progression. But it’s something you need to focus on to do right,” Hudson said.

The new pieces are “enhanced” for performance, too, with wider bands and adjustable straps on tops for support in the bra tops. The pieces also offer longer length pieces and adjustable side shirring on other tops. All the pieces are within the $70 price point, too.

Hudson said:

"With something like extended sizing, you put quite an investment into that, and you hope not only that the girls love it, but that it’s good enough to become something that keeps girls coming back. That’s our goal."

Many Fabletics customers don’t really have an option when it comes to “coming back.” The flex subscription model is sort of confusing and it’s reportedly so hard to cancel that some have likened it to a scam. Hudson assures customers it’s absolutely not. She said it was just really hard to figure out how to make the whole process super transparent for shoppers.

She told Refinery29, “It was a matter of finding the right way to explain the process very, very, very clearly. That was actually quite an easy fix. We had some criticism and it was a little bit overblown — but, at the same time, we just made sure it was literally on every [page].” She added, “There are always going to be little kinks in the wheel before it becomes the well-oiled machine.”

Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be working. Fabletics is reportedly shooting for around $250 million in revenue this year and now that there is a quality plus size option, that number will likely grow. Either way, the more options when it comes to body positive clothing, the better. Werk it.