Kate Hudson Explains Why She Stepped Back From Acting to Focus on Creating an “Inclusive” Wellness Brand

The star opens up to HelloGiggles about her nutritional supplements line and building business after business.

In the past almost-decade, Kate Hudson‘s life has been a little less “lights, camera, action” and a lot more leggings, wellness, and family time. (The last feature film the actor starred in, Marshall, came out in 2017.) But that isn’t to say that she’s slowed down at all. Since co-founding the successful athleisure brand Fabletics in 2013, Hudson has been investing more time in her entrepreneurial pursuits. Last year, she entered the alcohol industry with her own King Street Vodka, and just this week, she launched a line of natural nutritional supplements, INBLOOM. Right now, though, she’s focused on something a bit more low-key: sibling drama.

“Hold on, my brother’s annoying me,” Hudson says, sidestepping our recent Zoom call to text her brother Oliver, with whom she co-hosts the podcast Sibling Revelry, to tell him she’s busy. “Let me just say, that one needs some INBLOOM,” she adds, jokingly referring to the supplements’ goal of helping consumers “achieve balance” in their lives.

Family interruption dealt with, Hudson gets into why she’s spent the last two years creating INBLOOM, explaining that her hope was to make the wellness space more accessible by cutting out the confusion and intimidation that often comes with it.

“I think that [health and wellness] can be daunting and it’s something that’s very trendy—and thank God, because it’s really important and should always be trending—but we need to be really clear and transparent and honest about how hard it is to do a lot of the things that a lot of times people are pushing.”

Kate Hudson

Many influencers and celebrities (hi, Gwyneth!) promote a picture-perfect version of what a “healthy” lifestyle looks like, often leaving out how much time, money, and research is poured into achieving that appearance. With INBLOOM, Hudson wanted to relieve some of the pressure faced by anyone interested in holistic wellness but overwhelmed by the amount of effort that often seems to be required. “Let us do the hard work,” she says.

Hudson makes it clear that she doesn’t want to sell the idea that you can simply take a supplement and call it a day, while neglecting your other needs. “Our health, our body, and our mental state—everything is intersected and symbiotic,” she notes. But she is passionate about INBLOOM’s potential. The supplements come in five nutritional blends, each designed for a different health and wellness issue, like fighting brain fog, improving sleep, and boosting the skin’s stress response. Hudson says that the goal for the powders—which are 100% plant-based, made from sustainably sourced ingredients, and packaged in earth-friendly and reusable containers—was to make them simple enough that people could add them into their daily routines without restructuring their lives.

“I always wanted to create a system that was easy, accessible, and inclusive,” she explains. “If I had a bunch of words on my office pin-board that were sort of mission statement words, ‘inclusive’ is probably at the top.”

Another key phrase on her pin-board? To “democratize wellness.” For Hudson, this means making a conscious effort to provide consumers with access to clear information about what their minds and bodies need and create an easier way in for all the non-experts out there.

“You don’t have to be a health guru to be interested in your own health and to start taking steps towards it.”

Kate Hudson

Though it would have been easy for Hudson to simply add her face to any number of wellness products that were already on the market, she says she wasn’t interested in endorsing something she didn’t make herself.

“I would rather build business,” she explains. “I would rather use my platform and my name to build things that I believe in and have them sit on their own and, hopefully, create a lot of good jobs and happy workplaces, than just hawk someone else’s product.”

In shifting her priorities in recent years from acting to business, Hudson has not only found serious success, but has embraced a new kind of lifestyle.

“It’s diversified my life, which for me has been incredible because I can be at home and I can be with my kids [15-year-old Ryder, 8-year-old Bingham, and 1-year-old Rani Rose],” she says. “And I don’t have to rely on leaving to go into a different country to film a movie and not be around my children.”

Though Hudson hasn’t given up on acting—she’ll be starring in Music, a film directed and co-written by Sia set to release in September—she says she’s happy to have other things to focus on and enjoy in her life right now. One such thing? A dirty martini made with her King Street Vodka, because, she admits, “Cocktails are a part of my wellness.”

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