Kate Hudson is on a soup cleanse, and here’s what that actually means

These are so many cleanses and diets out there that it’s hard to know which ones are legitimately beneficial, but we just found one that sounds intriguing. And maybe even slightly delicious? You can be the judge.

One of our fave gals Kate Hudson is doing a soup cleanse, and she shared some snaps on Instagram so we can see what’s what.

You might be wondering what’s actually involved in a soup cleanse, and basically it means trading in some (not all!) of your solid meals for soup options. According to Health Magazine’s Cynthia Sass, MHP, RD, this can be beneficial for the stomach because it encourages slower eating, helps you feel more satisfied and full (but not bloated), and makes you consume less calories because you’re eating at a slower pace.

As you can see, Hudson is very organized with different soups for different days. But before you dive right in and start eating soup and only soup, it’s important to know that balance is the key factor here. Sass recommends trying a nourishing soup for lunch, as long as it doesn’t include ingredients like cheese and heavy cream.

"You certainly don't need to limit your entire diet to liquid meals to take advantage of its health and weight loss benefits," Sass emphasized.

A helping of soup here and there, that’s the idea.

The best thing about soup is that it’s fairly easy to make with contents from the fridge, and it’s lovely and warm for winter!

via giphyWe’re looking forward to more updates from Hudson about her soup cleanse experiment, and we might even give it a go at some point. Soup for lunch does sound pretty perfect, whether it’s as a cleanse or just because soup is yummy.

H/T: Health Magazine

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