Kate Hudson has this super down-to-earth thing to say about motherhood, and we’re cheering

We’ve always adored Kate Hudson. It might be her ageless style, or her line of amazingly cute athletic wear, Fabletics. But most likely, it’s that she’s always real. Kate’s Insta feed and Snap stories are filled with beautiful moments in her glam life: her amazing trips, her gorgeous friends, and of course her family. Kate has two sons: Ryder (age 12), with ex-husband Chris Robinson, and Bingham (age 5), with ex-fiancé, Matt Bellamy.

Gracing the September issue of Marie Claire (and looking totally fab, BTW) Kate Hudson has some sage words about being a working, single mom:

"I don't try to sugarcoat things. I'll say, 'I'm doing the best I can.' I like cooking, I like presenting. I like it to be an experience and my kids help me with it, but if they want something after that, I'll be like, 'Look, I'm placing a meal out for you like a king. I can't do everything. I'm going to have to be the OK mom.'"

Yes! Kate reminds us that in motherhood (as with all things), perfection is truly the enemy and trying your best is all you can do. Being a single mom can be a total balancing act, but Kate seems to have it on lock and always makes time for some fun with her boys.

For instance, remember when she made a “Trap Queen” dance vid with Ryder last year?

Kate also opened up about the upcoming election.

"When she took the stage, I got incredibly emotional. As a woman, and as a working mom trying to get things done, you find yourself meeting adversity a lot, but you never talk about it because you don't want to bring attention to it. You don't want to go there."

Kate continues to be a voice for single moms everywhere and we are totally living for her every moment! Thanks, Kate!

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