Kate Hudson met a new rare breed of panda on “The Tonight Show”

Sometimes, late night shows are a wealth of sketches, games, and bits that are carefully planned and coordinated with each of the stars who appear on the shows. But, sometimes, they do stuff like this. Luckily, having a person dressed in a panda suit named “Hashtag” crash Kate Hudson’s interview with Jimmy Fallon was even more hilarious than anything they could have ever scripted, so we’re 100% here for it.

This does kind of make sense. Kate Hudson voices a character in the new Kung Fu Panda 3 movie coming out Friday, January 29th, and she told Jimmy a story about how, during the press tour, she had the chance to cuddle baby pandas in China.

Safe to say, she had never seen a panda like Hashtag, who danced his way onto the stage, gave Kate a quick cuddle, and danced right off. However, it was quickly revealed that Hashtag has to dance any time the music plays, so he ended up getting pretty exhausted, but as evidenced by Kate’s nonstop laughter, it was worth it.

Watch the clip below!

(Image via YouTube)

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