Kate Hudson’s new hairstyle is inspired by ’90s-era Leonardo DiCaprio

Kate Hudson usually rocks her signature blonde hair in beachy waves or undone updos, but a few months ago, she tried something different — she chopped her hair into a chic buzzcut for an upcoming role.

And aside from experimenting with her new hairdo, she most recently channeled an image that will ring very, very familiar to anyone who came of age in the ’90s. She went for a spiky look, and revealed the unlikely inspiration behind it on Instagram.

Let’s just say that if you were around in the late ’90s, this image is one you’ll recognize. In fact, it was probably plastered on the inside of your locker or hung up in your bedroom. Yup, Kate Hudson channeled Leonardo DiCaprio when he rocked a spiky hairdo.

Hudson shared a side-by-side image of herself rocking the style next to a throwback shot of DiCaprio from back in the day. She included a cheeky caption too. Hudson wrote alongside the comparison shot,

"Who wore it better? 👆 #Hairspiration @leonardodicaprio."


The resemblance is uncanny and this is nothing ~short~ of epic.

First of all, Hudson pulls off this hairstyle like nobody’s business, and we love the humorous approach she took when putting this post together. We can’t decide who wore it better (because as incredible as Hudson looks, we’ll always have a soft spot from Titanic-era DiCaprio).

We’re happy to see Hudson having tons of fun experimenting with the #shorthairdontcare life. But the big question is, will DiCaprio be bringing his iconic ‘do back now that Hudon is making it trendy? We really hope so.

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