Kate Hudson just had WAY too much fun on an ATV

If you’re ever wondered what celebrities do when they’re not on set or on the road carpet, taking a look at actress Kate Hudson’s Instagram is sure to satiate your curiosity in an awesome way. Recently, Hudson posted a video of herself and others riding ATVs on an open road, and we have to admit: It looks pretty darn amazing.

Hudson explains that this ride took place at “magic hour ride,” which we’re assuming references the glorious sunset seen behind her.

While this caption doesn’t specify where exactly her ride took place, other shots on her Instagram suggests she is in the beautiful state of Colorado. Hudson has shared other gorgeous landscapes on her Instagram, too, including the mountains:

And perfectly spooky forests, as well:

In a world where so much of what we see of celebrities involves lots of photoshopping and editing, it’s nice to see someone share a snippet of their world without too much changed.  

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