OMG Kate Hudson ROCKED an En Vogue song on “The Tonight Show”

We all know Kate Hudson has some killer pipes and can rock a song hard (Do you REMEMBER her schooling Rachel Berry with “All That Jazz” on Glee?) but it’s always good to be reminded of just what a musical superstar this lady truly is.

This week, on The Tonight Show, Hudson was a guest, and her best moment actually occurred during a commercial break, when Hudson and Jimmy Fallon were chilling out and talking about their first concerts. Fallon’s first official concert was Weird Al Yankovic (of COURSE it was) and En Vogue was his first concert that “wasn’t a comedy thing.”

As they’re talking about En Vogue, Hudson launched into the most glorious and ’90s-tastic a capella rendition of the group’s debut single “Hold On.”

"I should have taken you to this concert," Fallon says, and it sounds like Hudson totally would have been down.

"They were my GIRLS. I was obsessed with them," she reminisces.

Fallon joins in on Hudson’s “Hold On” jamming, and after getting some “What key is this lyric in” help from Fallon’s house band The Roots, the band comes in and the a capella hijinks turn into an accompanied musical extravaganza for one sweet, sweet moment. With a little dancing. of course, because come on, EN VOGUE!

"I'm putting that online tonight," Fallon says as they sit down. "That was fantastic, thank you."

And so he did, and so it was. Check out the vid below!

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