You need to listen to Kate Hudson Dubsmash Adele’s “Hello”

As you might know, Jimmy Fallon takes Dubsmashing to a whole new level in his Tonight Show segment, Tonight Show Dubsmash. He and his guest take turn recording Dubsmash videos with earbuds in so you can’t hear what they’re lip-syncing to. You can, however, see them hilariously mouthing the words. Before revealing the final product, they try to guess what the other is saying. Sometimes it’s easy to tell, but sometimes it can be challenging.


Kate Hudson recently stopped by the show and played Tonight Show Dubsmash with Jimmy, and the whole segment is a hoot. Jimmy started by recording a voiceover of Oprah showering her studio audience with gifts. (“You get a car! And you get a car!”) And you have to hand it to him—he’s very committed to it. When it’s Kate’s turn, she gets equally as into it, dramatically lip-syncing to Adele’s “Hello.”


They do another round that gets even sillier. Jimmy impersonates a classic cartoon character, and they even do a two-person ‘Smash.

Check out the entire segment below—we guarantee you’ll get a laugh out of it!

(Images via YouTube/NBC)