Kate Hudson’s dog “nephew” raiding the fridge is all of us over the holidays

The holidays are a time for spreading good cheer, showing your loved ones you care, and of course, eating large quantities of delicious food. And Kate Hudson just captured all that in the perfect Instagram. Because what is the holiday season without mowing down copious amounts of cookies, all washed down with some eggnog?

Now, we’re all about healthy choices and moderation and other generally reasonable eating habits, but around the holidays, we sometimes let it all go and say bring on the figgy pudding (or whatever seasonal goodies you have your eye on).

So when we saw this Instagram that Kate Hudson posted of her brother Oliver Hudson’s dog, Donut, in a full-on raid of a stocked fridge, we could truly relate.

Yup, Kate’s dog nephew is truly embodying all of our life goals right now: getting home for the holidays and eating everything in sight.

"Caught in the act!" Kate writes.

There’s no denying that Donut looks guilty as hell in this photo.

In case you weren’t aware, Kate is a huge animal lover and has two rescue dogs of her own, Walter and Cody. One is a Shih Tzu and the other is an Australian Shepherd. And they’re no stranger to the star’s Instagram account, either.

Aren’t they just adorable?

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