Kate Hudson was spotted with a ring on *that* finger, but calm down, everyone

Everyone loves a surprise celebrity pregnancy announcement — so when Kate Hudson shared her secret gender reveal video on Instagram (it’s a girl!), everyone rightfully freaked out. Like, we didn’t even know Kate Hudson was pregnant in the first place. And now there’s even more Kate Hudson buzz after the actress was spotted wearing a sparkly ring on that finger on Tuesday, April 10th.

In case you need a refresher, Hudson was previously married to Chris Robinson, lead singer of The Black Crowes, and has been engaged to Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of Muse. She’s currently dating — and having her first daughter with — musician Danny Fujikawa.

Hudson and Fujikawa were friends for a long time before things turned romantic. In fact, they met when Hudson was pregnant with her first son nearly 15 years ago. So while they might not have been dating for too long, they’ve been in each other’s lives for over a decade…meaning perhaps marriage isn’t out of the question.


Hudson sparked engagement rumors after attending a Harry Winston opening in Hong Kong while wearing a diamond ring on her left-hand ring finger.

It was her first public appearance since mentioning the pregnancy, so fans were pretty curious whether the ring meant something…significant.


Before popping the champagne, keep in mind that it’s relatively common for celebrities to borrow fancy diamond jewelry to wear to opening events like this…especially jewelry events. Plus, E! News reports that the Harry Winston Instagram mentioned Hudson wearing a “suite of high jewelry” from their collection., so it likely could have been borrowed for that day.


Note that hashtag? Hudson is all but confirming it’s definitely not an engagement ring. Chances are she just liked the way this particular ring looked with her dress. Neither Hudson or Fujikawa have opened up about marriage either way, and we’re happy to respect their privacy.

Engagement or not, we must say — Kate looked gorgeous.

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