Kate Hudson made a video montage of her sons, and you will cry for hours

We love all things birthday-related, especially when they involve adorable families. And we just heard that Kate Hudson shared a rare video of her sons on her 38th birthday last week (happy birthday Kate!), and to the sweet song, “(I Can’t Help) Falling in Love With You” no less!

The video shows 13-year-old Ryder and 5-year-old Bingham surfing and playing together on the sand (this just made this Monday all the more bearable). And the accompanying message from Hudson is full of love for her family, which makes us feel all the special feelings.

Seriously — be prepared to feel crazy emotional, and maybe even have a good old-fashioned desk cry (in the best way possible).

"Thank you everyone for the overwhelming love and birthday wishes!!!! My heart is crazy happy 💃❤💃 And the most precious gift today is the steady, ever growing, non wavering love for my children and from my children. Thank you boys for making today so beautiful ❤️"

Did you just watch that on a loop? Because we totally did.

Her sons are simply gorgeous, and they seem like a great team. Hudson posted a happy snap recently of herself with Ryder and Bingham and their dog, and it’s (again) the perfect picture of bliss.

Here’s to many more years of fun in the sand and the sun! And we hope that Hudson had a truly excellent birthday. She deserves the best of the best.