Kate Hudson’s backless gown perfectly complements her buzz cut

There’s nothing like a dress that complements your hair. Whether it’s helping show off the rich hue of your locks, or framing your cut just right, a good dress can make or break a look. Take it from Kate Hudson, whose shaved head is helping revamp her wardrobe into total femme fatale territory.

Kate wore a Stella McCartney backless dress that’s helping her serve some celestial looks. With her cropped hair and the shimmering silver of the gown, this ensemble is taking a cue from the night sky to help Kate shine like the star she is. And with its single shoulder style and plunging back, this gown is as hot as the sun.


This full-length dress is simple in its silhouette, but it’s also oh-so-sultry. Featuring a single spaghetti strap, plunging back, and extra strap detail on the back, this piece is the right mix of elegant and sexy. We can’t deny we love some tasteful side-boob, especially when paired with such a mesmerizing dress.

The real hero of this look, though? Kate’s hair. Cropped close, her adventurous cut is beautifully emphasized by this dress.


And with hair this short, makeup takes center stage. Displaying a dash of silver eyeshadow, rosy cheeks, and glistening, highlighted skin, Kate even keeps her makeup otherworldly.


We love the idea of pairing such a loud dress with a subtle makeup look, and we think Kate nails it. She finishes off the look with a pink, glossy pout and some diamond earrings. She looks like the galaxy incarnate, and if that’s not a statement, we don’t know what is.

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