Kate Brown is our first openly LGBT elected Governor – All the YAS!

Now that’s a step in the right direction! Oregon Democratic nominee Kate Brown is the first publicly LGBT person to be elected governor. Previously a member of the Oregon House of Representatives and the Oregon Senate, The Honorable Kate Brown has been openly bisexual throughout her tenure as longtime Democrat and attorney. It was during the 2016 special election for governor that she faced off against five men in the Democratic primary, ultimately winning the nomination. Oregon’s official website introduced its newest appointment fondly:

“With more than 25 years of service to the people of Oregon, Kate Brown is well-prepared to serve as Oregon’s 38th Governor, making government more accountable and standing up for working families.”

Brown is not the first gay, lesbian or bisexual person to serve as governor, as New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey announced he was a gay man months before stepping down. According to NPR, “Brown was outed in the ’80s, and has been married to her husband since 1997. Slate reported last year that while it was not her choice to be out, she embraced her identity once it was public.” false

While Tuesday night’s election news may have shocked many of us, it’s such a relief to know that milestones in the name of equality are happening everywhere and will likely continue despite any social setbacks. We are still a nation of great progress and acceptance (see also: our first Latina senator has been elected this past Election Day), and as long as the people of America believe it and strive to make a difference, Ms. Brown’s election will be an important and powerful landmark in our country’s complex and ever-evolving history. If we celebrate the appointing of a successful and super qualified person to govern despite gender and orientation (while also celebrating that she is an openly bisexual female!), we believe it will only open more doors for future generations of people everywhere.

Governor Katherine Brown, we proudly salute you!