Kate Beckinsale’s Clapbacks to Trolls Who Criticize Her Relationship Are Too Funny

Kate Beckinsale just can’t seem to catch a break from trolls criticizing her for basically everything—even when she’s just trying to show off how cute her cat is. Luckily, when Beckinsale finds herself up against a hater, she knows exactly how to defend herself (and in the most hilarious way possible).

Once again, the Underworld actor was grilled in the comments section of a recent Instagram by someone who just can’t wrap their head around her dating history. Beckinsale, 46, recently began a relationship with musician Goody Grace, 23, after ending a relationship with Pete Davidson, 26, in 2019.

“Why do you keep dating guys that could be your children?” one Instagram user wrote on a June 30th Instagram post captioned, “Nightclubs are closed but we have googly eyes and mostly it’s the same except less risk of illness and no one has wee’d all over the ladies loo seat.”

Ahem, note how Beckinsale’s (legitimately incredible) post has zero to do with her dating life. Who could be so worked up over a human and cat with googly eyes all over them?

But, still, she came prepared. “Every relationship I had has been solely to annoy you,” Beckinsale quipped back.

kate beckinsale instagram clapback

Beckinsale also issued a “hmm” to someone who wrote that she “NEEDS A MAN…BAD,” and told another follower who asked if she is married, “to the cat, yes.” 

When will the people of the internet learn that they can’t win a trolling session with Kate Beckinsale? Her comebacks are simply too clean to quit.