Kate Beckinsale and Stephen Colbert gave us tips for hunting werewolves, and we hope we never need these

When you’ve got the star of Underworld: Blood Wars on your show, obviously you’ll want to talk about werewolves. That’s why Kate Beckinsale and Stephen Colbert gave some werewolf tips before the start of The Late Show last night. Since werewolves appear during the late night hours, it just makes sense to inform an audience about the best ways to hunt them early, you know?

The action horror film will be opening in theaters tomorrow, and it’ll be the official fifth installment of the Underworld franchise. Beckinsale once again stars as the lead, among a cast that also includes Theo James, Charles Dance, and Daisy Head. Tobias Menzies from Outlander also rounds out the cast as a werewolf leader.

Colbert and Beckinsale act confidently as they give their tips. While we hope we don’t need them, we’re definitely listening up.


The duo give six tips in total, but these two are definitely our favorites:

Tip #2. If you don’t have a gun, just throw a silver bullet at them really hard.

And of course…

Tip #3. Have them over for dinner, and then bake the silver bullet into a meatloaf.

How classy. Let’s just hope that the werewolf in question likes meatloaf. (Beckinsale did mention that the bullet could also be used as a garnish, so if you’re anti-werewolf, and happen to be a chef, might as well get creative with it.)

This trailer that Beckinsale posted on Twitter this past November doesn’t include any meat-filled loaves, but there’s still plenty of bullets. Seriously.

We can’t wait to see Kate Beckinsale kick some butt in this movie. We can’t believe that she’s been part of the Underworld franchise since 2003 — really, she makes the films what they are.

This year, we can also expect to watch Beckinsale in The Only Living Boy in New York, a drama that also stars Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Bridges. She’s definitely set to have an incredibly successful year.

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