Kat Von D’s new all-white concealer may remind you of KISS, but it’s a makeup essential

Kat Von D Beauty never fails to come up with mind-blowingly innovative makeup products that we gladly hand over our wallets for. Their latest is a new shade for their Lock-It Concealer Crème collection and it might actually cause you to throw a side-eye or two at first. Why? It’s entirely WHITE. Like Gene Simmons from Kiss, Casper the Ghost, white-as-a-toilet seat white.


The formula, which is 100% vegan, can be used not only to conceal, but also as an eyeshadow base and lip color primer, allowing the color on the top to *pop* and look brighter. White Out can also be used for dramatic highlighting and mixing with other shades to create perfect custom tones. Amazing!

Grab it for $26 at Sephora and prepare to level up your beauty game.

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