Kat Von D is launching shoes with a secret compartment for lipstick, and our spy fantasies are coming true

Fans can never seem to get enough of Kat Von D Beauty’s gorgeous makeup — Kat’s artistry, commitment to animal rights, and creativity. Which is why the launch of her upcoming vegan shoe line, Von D Shoes, has everyone’s curiosity piqued, especially with the news that the boots will have a hidden compartment for lipstick.

That’s Kat Von D for you — even when she’s working on another project, makeup is never far from her mind. How incredibly cool will it be to swiftly pull some lipstick out of your boot for a quick on-the-go touchup? These are some modern-day, beauty lover secret agent dreams we’re talking about here.

Kat’s been releasing details about her self-funded shoe line over the past few months, and she just gave Racked the most in-depth look yet. She tells them that the line is being produced in Italy, a place that fans know is near and dear to her heart.

As with everything she does, her attention to detail is unwavering. Just because her shoes will be vegan doesn’t mean they will be made of cheap plastics — instead, she’s been researching innovative leather alternatives. She tells Racked,

"We're looking at all these innovative, different leather substitutes that are made out of mushroom and pineapple and they're actually great for the environment and look equal to, if not better, than leather."

Just a quick look at a single prototype and we can already tell they’re going to be stunning.

According to Racked, The Von D Shoe line will include 28 different styles.

These will definitely be shoes that you can feel good about wearing. What a load off to be able to pick up an incredibly stylish pair of kicks while knowing that no harm came to the earth or our animal friends while they were being made.

The details on these heels are drool-worthy.

We have a feeling that once Kat’s shoe line hits the scene, it’s going to be a major game-changer for the industry. Til then, we’ll just have to dream about all the gorgeous options headed our way.

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