GASP: Kat Von D just teased her Metal Crush highlighters, and the new product headed our way

Highlighters still prove to be one of the hottest beauty products of 2017, especially since every big beauty brand known to man has their own product guaranteed to make your cheeks sparkle like nobody’s business. However, we always go bananas whenever resident beauty genius Kat Von D releases something new, and now thanks to a recent Instagram post, it’s safe to say that new Kat Von D Metal Crush Highlighter shades are coming our way pretty soon.

Doesn’t the highlighter look divine in Kat’s latest Instagram picture?

We need shades, because we’re blinded by the highlight on her cheeks.

We got the announcement in a pretty weird way, as Kat shared a photo on Instagram of herself tattooing friend Toby Morse’s neck. Of course, the comments poured in about how awesome Kat’s highlight was, and that’s when things got interesting.


Replying to Instagram user @keepyourskeletons, Kat, of course, started teasing her newest product, as she stated that the Metal Crush Highlighters were on their way pretty soon.


But if that tease wasn’t big enough, Kat went on to reply to another user about how her fab highlight in the photo was achieved — by testing out one of the latest shades she’s been playing around with. Um….we don’t know about you but Metal Crush X-Treme sounds totally boss!

We’ve always been a huge fan of Kat Von D’s Metal Crush products, as the eyeshadow is literally a gift that keeps on giving. So you can probably imagine our excitement surrounding the new Metal Crush Highlighters and the Metal Crush X-treme Highlighters, which we hope takes our highlighting game to the next level.