Kat Von D Beauty’s new brow pomade will come in 16 colors to match your every mood

We’ve never had any qualms about dyeing our hair bold, wild colors, and since having vibrant, colorful hair is officially mainstream it makes sense that matching brows are the next frontier. And who better to usher it in than Kat Von D and her new brow collection. No matter your hair color, she’s got a pomade to match it.

Even if you don’t have colorful hair, don’t shy away from these beauties! How fun to have the ability to match our brows to our makeup or outfits. Since they’re created by Kat Von D, you know their formula will be spot-on.

The Kat Von D Beauty Super Brow pomade is coming soon, in 16 different colors.


These are going to look so cool.

The Super Brow pigmented pomade will be released this spring alongside two other brow formulas, Brow Struck and Signature Brow. Brow Struck is a reflective powder and Signature Brow is a precision pencil. This collection will address all your eyebrow needs — and all your random eyebrow whims, too.

Given how important our brows are to our overall beauty looks, we love it when we get the chance to experiment with new products and broaden our brow range.

The Kat Von D Beauty Super Brow pomade is long-wearing and won’t smudge off.


You can also mix the different colors to create unique shades. This fire engine-red is as hot as it gets. We’ll be anxiously awaiting for the arrival of spring for these lovely new additions to our brow repertoire.

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