Is Kat Von D starting a new two-faced trend? Her latest makeup look proves she is

Not only does Kat Von D create some of the most innovative, high quality, and beautiful makeup in the game, but she’s also a bonafide trendsetter who pushes the beauty world forward with her daring and unique looks. In her latest Insta, Kat Von D’s two-faced makeup look is a vibrant, neon flash that looks incredibly stunning. We have a feeling this trend is about to hit the streets as well as the runways because it is cool as hell!

Beauty lovers everywhere will be sure to follow suit as Kat leads the charge with this colorful two-faced makeup look, and we are thrilled about it.

There’s something oddly minimal about it even though it’s so bright and in your face, like, it’s oddly wearable! We LOVE it. That extra little hint of green on the side of her lips makes it extra special, don’t you think?

The neon green shade that she’s wearing is actually a loose pigment powder that she’s currently testing, which means that there are some seriously colorful shadows headed our way! The consistency looks gorgeous. We can’t wait to get a look at the final product.

Kat sported this two-toned look during a little giveaway video with Tara Buenrostro, and it looked elusive, sexy, and chill all at once! It’s a graphic, almost comic book super hero-like look that just so happens to also be pretty wearable! Think of all the amazing combinations you’ll be able to come up with using different shades? We’re totally sold.

In addition to this new loose pigment powder that Kat is working on, it appears she’s also in the process of developing a brow pomade! Be still our hearts. Brow pomades are HUGE right now, given that a full, natural brow is all the rage. And brow pomade is the easiest way to achieve that look. Knowing Kat’s commitment to quality and great taste, you know this is gonna be good!

Would you try this two-faced eye shadow look? We’d definitely need to get a bit brave to try it out ourselves, but there’s no way you don’t feel like a major badass when your makeup looks like this. Totally worth it! It’ll be the next big thing, mark our words!

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