Kat Von D gave us an intensely beautiful sneak peek into what her new makeup vaults look like

The one and only Kat Von D is releasing new makeup vaults very soon, and we have been freaking out. Will these change our LIVES? Not sure, but today we’ve learned that Kat has given us a little sneak peak into what the vaults themselves will look like. And we already love them.

Here’s the first video, posted on the Kat Von D Beauty Instagram, starring Catherine Lee, who is the Senior Director for Packaging Design+Development for Kat Von D Beauty. But, let’s be real, the real star is that vault. How CUTE and FIERCE is the design? You can hear Catherine say, “You’ll NEVER guess what’s inside.” Ahh!!!

The next video gives us a better glimpse into the inspiration for the vaults with Kristin Walcott, the Senior Vice President for Kat Von D Beauty. Kristin shows us this ADORABLE case. Kat explains that it is their “love letter/envelope clutch’ vault”. So cute.

Last but not least, we got to see the line’s new mirror, which Disney fans will absolutely need. Kat captions it,” And how sexy is this handheld KvD ‘wax seal’ mirror?! Our vanities NEED these!! Coming soon!” It’s like the one from Beauty and the Beast but more dark and awesome.

Kat, then, asked her Twitter followers what they think the vaults may have inside. Most, like us, think it will be a little bit of everything. Maybe this is wishful thinking though! false

You know what’s also cool? Kat is going vegan with her new products. She tells vegan lifestyle magazine Laika, “We have been reformulating anything that had carmine in the past, and if we can’t reformulate, we just throw them out.” So admirable.

As to when this will be released? Kat still has not announced that just yet! We cannot and will not contain our excitement. We need to see what’s inside the vaults!

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