Kat Von D is rebelling against beauty industry standards with mysterious “Crushes” announcement

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, in comes Kat Von D to shake up the beauty industry over and over again. As if it’s not enough that her makeup is unique and gorgeous, but she is constantly trying out innovative ways to get new products in her fans’ hands.

While it can be frustrating when KVDB only releases products in select countries, we have to remember that there are certain constraints within which the brand is working. Limited-edition and exclusive products are such a treat that it’s understandable to get jealous, but it looks like Kat is trying to hard to break free from the limitations of the beauty industry and try new things.

To that end, it appears she’s rebelling against the norms that are currently the industry standard and wants to sell more items that are “limited” on her own website. For now, new items like the Kat Von D Beauty Crackers will only be available in a few lucky countries, but she’s hoping to be able to change that soon.

Kat seems to totally understand her followers’ frustrations and is very open about her own.

Kat Von D works so hard to create and design beautiful, high-end makeup and she truly does want everyone to enjoy it.


You can get these Crackers bundles in Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Germany.

Kat revealed a plan to release special, one-off products that don’t necessarily belong to a particular collection with a project called Crushes.


These Crushes will be released throughout the year, without being dictated by shopping seasons that feed into consumer culture. It’s a way to keep creating high-quality vegan and cruelty free products without feeding into the “buy buy buy” mentality.

Kat Von D was extremely candid in the comments of recent Instagram posts, letting fans know she hears their call and is working on it.



And then there was this bit of news. Kat’s going to release a single of the beloved shade “Swoon” from the KVD x Too Faced Better Together palette!


We love how hard Kat is working to subvert norms in the industry and challenging them, even if it’s to her own detriment. In the long term, she really believes that it’s all about the makeup and we couldn’t agree more.

How do you feel about all this? We will definitely be keeping an eye out to see what further developments arise, as we love seeing shakeups and how they ripple through the beauty world.

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