Kat Von D proves her talents are limitless in this vid of her singing and playing guitar

In what was a casual flex of her many talents, tattoo queen and cosmetics mogul Kat Von D posted a video on Instagram of herself singing and playing guitar, and she actually has a delightful singing voice. Wearing a monochromatic ensemble that continues to channel “Lady In Red,” Kat Von D played a cover of “Strange” by Galaxie 500 for her followers on Sunday, and now everyone’s ready for her hot acoustic album to drop.

We already knew that the brain-mother of the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Set had an arsenal of creative talents, and now we can add her musical proclivities to the reasons we both love and envy her.

Her voice is impressively clear from what we can only assume is a steady diet of tea and festive vegan Halloween chocolates.

Given her current aptitude for all red everything, imagining the potential album art for a Kat Von D record is too fun.

Most of her Instagram looks like album art.

This picture of roses ALSO looks like an album; We’re beginning to think her Instagram aesthetic has all been part of her plan to gradually come out as a musician.

One thing is for sure, Kat Von D is not wanting for talent.

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