Kat Von D is working on a vegan shoe line and we couldn’t be more thrilled

In what’s possibly the best way to brighten up our Friday and coming weekend, it’s been officially announced that Kat Von D has a vegan shoe line in the works. TRUST, we’re already scrambling to find out what we should pawn off so we can buy all of her shoes from her upcoming collection. In keeping with her main operative, Kat Von D pledges to stay cruelty-free in the production of her vegan shoe line, and we are all about it.

If her actual shoes are half as mystical as her Alchemist Palette or channel the same color scheme as her Pastel Goth palette, then her new foray into the world of designing shoes will be a smash hit!

While we’re overjoyed to hear the news, it’s hardly surprising given how much she loves heels. After all, her closet is elaborate enough to merit a tour.


How many pairs can you count?! At least a couple dozen. Also, that chandelier is next level gaudy.

Not only does she have a lot of heels, but she has good taste too!

Looking at Kat Von D’s favorite vegan shoes might give us hints about her upcoming line.

She also knows what she’s doing because she’s so well-versed in fashion.

She’s definitely done her homework.

We can only hope she’ll include some of her signature fiery reds in the mix.

Just last month, she told Cosmo that her favorite shoe designer was Natacha Marro, and we have a feeling her shoe collection is inspired by the designer’s vegan fashion options!

Perhaps she’ll delve into the world of bright patterns.

Whatever it is she’s got up her sleeve, we’re excited to see what these designs will look like!

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