Kat Von D has already given us eye makeup inspiration from her palette collab with Too Faced

It seems like we’ve been waiting for literal decades for the Kat Von D and Too Faced collaboration to be released. We’ve lived entire lifetimes and are now old and grey. But it’ll be so worth it because with every sneak peek we get, our hearts race, and we get even more excited for it than we ever thought possible. It’s only a natural reaction when two of our favorite beauty brands get together.  What else were they expecting? If there’s one thing we know with these two, it’s that whatever they give us is going to be a magical explosion of makeup, beauty, and joy. This is not an exaggeration.

Kat has given us a little tease with a side of eye makeup inspiration in her latest Instagram and we are living for it!

Metallic AND crimson? I’m fanning myself.

The combinations with these palettes are going to be endless, we can see it now!


Didn’t we just say that this winter was going to be all about red eyeshadow? Kat know’s what’s up!

We would expect nothing less than these bold and fierce metallic shades from the queen of ink and beauty.

It’s safe to say that we can’t get our hands on this baby soon enough!

The vegan, cruelty-free palette is set to launch exclusively at Sephora on December 26th in the US and Canada. Fret not if you’re unable to snag the collection during the holidays because it will be available everywhere else on Valentine’s Day of next year. Too Faced and Kat Von D for the win!

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