Kat Von D spills the tea on those glittery lipsticks we’ve been seeing on Instagram

Over the past couple of months, Kat Von D Beauty has been teasing mysterious glitter lipsticks unlike anything we’ve seen before. The first hint was back in February via a now-deleted swatch photo, followed by a selfie of KVD’s Artistry Collective wearing gorgeous, glittery sapphire lips. The formula looked kind of metallic, kind of glittery, but really, really pigmented. We NEEDED to know more!

In early June, our wish was granted courtesy of Nancy McGuire, Kat Von D Beauty’s VP of Product Development. 11 glittery swatches were revealed in rainbow hues that made our jaws drop. Since then, more sneak peeks of the secret product have been seen on various members of Kat’s team.


Our curiosity was seriously getting out of control. Thankfully, we got a chance to ask Kat about the lipsticks at the launch party for her re-released Saint and Sinner fragrances:

"I've officially called it the Everlasting Glimmer Veil. It's a longwear formula. I wouldn't say metallic and I wouldn't call it glitter, so that's why I called it glimmer — because it has these special specific flecks that are reflective. And when they're applied, they lay flat on your lips and really create the most reflective shine."

Kat described it as “Christmas wrapping for your lips.”


Are you serious?! We love it already.

Kat added:

"The formula itself is unlike any other...and I've tried all of them out there. It's so comfortable and there's a certain elasticity to it...it's amazing."


When can we expect to add these dream lipsticks to our makeup collection? Kat said they’ll be available in September. We’ll TRY to be patient…

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