Kat Von D demonstrates that the glitter trend isn’t just for lips

You ever look at glitter and be like, “Man, I really wish this stuff was all over my face!” We’re truly blessed that cosmetics companies are fully embracing the glitter lip resurgence and that glitter nails are acceptable for the masses, but don’t you ever feel like you just want MORE?

Well, Kat Von D’s got us shook, because she just took it to the next level by incorporating glitter into her eye makeup.

How insanely amazing does that winged liner and glittery arched brow look?!

Where is our tutorial, Kat? We don’t all have your skills! Give the people what they want!

Only Kat could get that glittery line so sharp and straight, with the most perfect edges. It’s unreal! How long before we get a true glitter shadow in Kat’s line? Methinks it’s about time, don’t you? It’d certainly be a hit during the Halloween season, not to mention the straight up Fourth of July vibes going on in Kat’s photo.

Is there anything she can’t do?

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