Kat Von D cut her hair and crimped it, and we’re forever obsessed


Tattoo and makeup goddess Kat Von D is not afraid to make bold fashion choices, and we have to say, her new short crimped hairstyle gives us all sorts of #hairgoals:

She looks fantastic, doesn’t she? So many of us dream of pulling off her look. And we’re not just talking about her hair. Check out that makeup! Her bright, blood-red lipstick (Santa Sangre Red from Kat Von D Beauty) looks absolutely amazing contrasted against her porcelain pale skin and jet black hair. But, of course, the question everyone is asking is about her hair, not her makeup. More than one person has asked on social media: Is this cut the real thing?

As Refinery 29 reminds us:

With all the wigs dominating Hollywood lately… we wouldn’t be surprised if Von D is simply having a little temporary fun. Then again, she’s known for beauty extremes — and might have just pulled off the chicest makeover of summer.

We can’t help but agree: Regardless of the realness of her new ‘do, Kat Von D isn’t afraid to make stark changes…and look great doing it.

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