Kat Von D is coming out with a brow collection, and she just teased the epic artwork

Now that we all know how important having defined, beautiful brows is for our overall look, we are constantly searching for the next big thing in the eyebrow product world. We have a feeling we won’t have to look much further than Kat Von D Beauty’s impending brow collection, if the artwork Kat just teased is any indication of its epic-ness. Yet another gorgeous new addition to our makeup drawers to look forward to — bless you, Kat.

Buying Kat Von D’s products always feels like a two-in-one, because not only are we getting such stellar and high quality products that make us look and feel incredible, but thanks to Kat’s original artwork on the packaging, we’re also adding gorgeous pieces to our vanities that could not be more aesthetically pleasing.

We’re counting down the seconds until we can get Kat Von D Beauty’s brow collection.

Give us all the details, ASAP, Kat! We’re dying to know more. Could they be part of the anniversary release?


We have a feeling these will be their own collection that is launched separately from any other products, given that a brow collection is such a big deal these days. It appears that we’re getting three products as part of it: Super Brow, Brow Struck, and Signature Brow. We can’t wait to see what each of these entails.

Aside from just the brow collection, Kat Von D has been teasing her artwork for new products this week and we are seriously digging it.


The makeup train case is going to be next-level gorgeous and we can’t wait to see the entire thing in all its glory.

Now we sit tight and wait to see when we’ll finally get an inside look at what the brow kits actually entail. Whatever they include, you know it’s going to be absolutely stunning thanks to Kat’s impeccable taste and commitment to providing insanely lovely products.

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