Kat Von D Beauty’s cult fave eyeliner is getting a major update, and it will take our cat-eyes to a new level

Beauty trends may come and go, but we will never get over our love of the winged eyeliner — you’ll have to pry our liquid liners from our cold, dead hands! Makeup lovers such as ourselves know that Kat Von D Beauty’s cult fave eyeliner, Tattoo Liner, is an absolute must-have, which is why we are so excited to hear that it’s getting a huge new update to make it even more fabulous! Kat’s been testing new formulas to ensure that it’ll be a bulletproof, long-wear, super-matte version of her beloved Tattoo Liner, and we can’t wait.

There’s no other liquid liner out there that has the kind of precision and sharpness that the Tattoo Liner does, so we can’t even imagine how spectacular the new formula will be. Game changer!

Kat wears her Tattoo Liner daily, so she knows how important it is that it stay put and look fabulous.

We don’t have too many details as to when it’ll be released, so for now we’ll have to make due with the current iterations of Tattoo Liner. It’s available at Kat Von D Beauty for $20 and comes in two shades, Mad Max Brown and Trooper Black.


And if you’re looking for other eyeliner options, Kat Von D also has her much loved InkLiner, an ultra-rich felt tipped liner that’s available in 10 different shades!


These beauties also run for $20, each. Nothing adds some glam punch to a beauty look like some absolutely perfect cat-eye liner. It looks amazing on everyone and works with whatever your unique style is. If you prefer the natural makeup look, you can add a little cat-eye and it instantly becomes retro and sweet.


Love a dramatic, bold look? Some winged liner will make you look like the fierce a queen that you are. We can’t wait to get more details on the new and improved formula for the Tattoo Liner. Keep your eyes peeled to Kat’s social media for more info!

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