Kat Von D Beauty’s eyeliner collab with Billie Joe launches on *THIS* date, so get your wallets ready

When we first heard about an impending collaboration between Kat Von D Beauty and Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong on a new eyeliner, the beauty-verse collectively agreed that they were a match made in goth rock beauty heaven. Have you ever heard of a more appropriate pairing?

Billie Joe pretty much brought guyliner into the mainstream and it hasn’t left since the late ’90s, so if anyone knows a good liner, it’s him. And there’s no denying that Kat is the queen of all things goth liner. Kat’s are the most trusty eyeliners around, and we can’t wait to have another option for our makeup bag.

The Kat Von D Beauty x Billie Joe Armstrong Basket Case eyeliner will be available in early January.


There’s no better time than the dark, somber winter months to really pile that liner on, you know?

This limited-edition, anti-precision pencil will give you the smudgy, dramatic liner look of your rock star dreams.


Kat and Billie Joe have been friends for a long time and worked together on many charitable endeavors since they’re both huge animal rights activists. It makes sense that they’d work together not just as makeup lovers, but as people with many common interests.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the Kat Von D Beauty x Billie Joe Armstrong Basket Case liner.

And don’t you just love the packaging? It features Billie Joe’s signature and is sleek and cool as ever.

Who would have thought we’d be wishing for January? The deep mid-winter is the perfect time to rock some edgy eyeliner, and we can’t wait!

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