Kat Von D Beauty teased the new Mini Metal highlighter palette, so get your wallets ready

We’re always a sucker for a good highlighting palette, especially when they treat our cheeks to gorgeous iridescent shades you can’t find anywhere else.

So, naturally, you can imagine our excitement surrounding the super-cool Kat Von D Beauty Mini Metal highlighter palette, especially since it seems to contain killer highlighting shades we could only dream of.

The Kat Von D Beauty Instagram account shared a sneak peek of the Mini Metal highlighter palette.

So far we only know what the packaging of the palette looks like, and it’s just as exciting, especially since it features a glittery rainbow design.

And while the Kat Von D Beauty Mini Metal highlighter palette is set to launch on December 12th, according to Kat Von D in a Sephora live chat, the Metal Crush Highlighter palette releases next week, on November 23rd. BUT, that’s not all. Kat Von D plans to launch a Metal Matte II Highlighter, so you know it’s all going to be good.


We’re totally feeling the simple, yet stunning design. And we also love that this beauty release is travel-friendly, making it a must-have palette during the chaotic holiday travel season.


The Kat Von D Beauty Mini Metal highlighter palette launches on December 12th, so set those alarms.