Kat Von D Beauty teased glittery swatches, and we are SO curious to know what they’re working on

Another day, another look behind-the-scenes at the magic that the good people over at Kat Von D Beauty are cooking up! Earlier this afternoon, they kindly gave us a look at the most intensely glittery swatches we’ve ever seen, and now we are just dying to know what they’re for! It’s no secret that glitter makeup is having a moment right now, so the more the merrier!

Our gut reaction is that the swatches are either for glitter liquid lipstick or liquid eyeshadow. They’re so intensely pigmented and look like they dried on pretty securely, so what else could they possibly be?


They are shockingly vibrant, don’t you think? The colors are super shiny and bright, which is not an easy feat! Only the best from our Kat Von D!

We’re no stranger to glittery swatches, but these are definitely up there as the most intensely glittered and pigmented ones we’ve ever seen. It only makes us even more curious to know what it is they’re working on over there! Or even just to know what stage of development they’re at. If you ask us, they look pretty ready!

Kat’s enthusiastic fans are just as excited about it as we are, and they’re starting to float their own theories as to what these swatches could possibly be for as well.




Are you cooking up your own ideas as to what these could possibly be?

We’re doing a hard lean towards liquid lipstick, but you never know! Kat is nothing if not unpredictable, so we wouldn’t be surprised to find that it turns out to be something completely different that we would have thought of!

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