Here’s the 411 on Kat Von D Beauty’s new Metal Matte mini palette

Brace yourselves, for there is a mini version of Kat Von D Beauty’s Metal Crush eyeshadow palette that’s about to drop.

The brand recently teased the travel-sized palette, and now we’ve got a look at what’s inside. At first, we thought the silver packaging might contain highlighter, but it turns out its eyeshadow. (Insert epic metal guitar riff.)

The Metal Matte Mini Palette contains five matte shades and five of Kat’s favorite shades from the Metal Crush collection. Thunderstruck is a fan fave. The colors are warm, universally flattering, and richly pigmented. KVDB has a knack for pushing the envelope but somehow keeping things wearable, and for some of us, neutral!

Animal lovers will be stoked to know that the product is 100% vegan. The limited-edition palette retails for $39. Metal Matte Mini will be available on December 12th, so set those alarms and get your wallets ready.

Kat Von D Beauty fans worldwide are taking to Instagram to share thoughts like, “You’re coming out with amazing palettes faster than I can make money” and “OMG YES fully vegan pallet! You go girl I love you.”

The travel-sized version of the fan favorite is about to rock, and we salute it.

It’s so cute, yet so tough.

A glimpse of the shadows in a slightly different lighting.

Yup, still gorgeous.

Bow before the awesomeness of this epic metal palette.

Buy the Kat Von D Beauty Metal Matte Mini Palette ($39) on on December 12th.

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