Kat Von D Beauty is releasing a Lock It Blotting Powder, and it will transport you to Shakespeare times

There are certain purveyors of beauty who just know exactly what we want without us even knowing ourselves. Case in point: the latest release from Kat Von D Beauty is a Lock-It Blotting Powder that looks like it came straight from the 1600s in the best possible way! Our fancy, old-timey hearts are swooning!

The Lock-It Blotting Powder comes in a matte black case that looks like it’s dripping in a wax seal. It’s the coolest packaging we’ve seen in a long time! We love that Kat’s take on femininity is gothic and dark because it’s just as an important aspect of beauty as the light and flirty! It’s playful while still having a really strong powerful aesthetic. We are in love!


Isn’t that absolutely majestic?

We adore everything in the Lock-It collection, from the foundation and concealer that won’t budge to the awesome wipes that magically erase it all. We have no doubt that this blotting powder is going to be as effective as it is beautiful!


Oh my god, a matching mirror! That just really pushes it all over the edge, don’t you think? Talk about goth-glam! Kat Von D knows how to hit those pitch-perfect gothic notes without going overboard or feeling childish, don’t you think?

No word yet on when exactly these beauties will be released, but you better believe that we will let you know as soon as they are! We’ll be running as quick as we can to add this gorgeous compact to our vanity. Can you even imagine how amazing it’ll look? So dark and dramatic. We live for it!

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