Kat Von D announced she’s coming out with 25 new liquid lipsticks and we are drooling

Hold the phone because our favorite beauty brand is dropping one of the most coveted items soon! Kat Von D teased an armful of new liquid lipstick swatches via Instagram Stories in black and white (ya know, just to keep us guessing).

You’d think Kat Von D would be busy with her tattoo empire, collab with Too Faced, and her kitties, but nope. This inspiring entrepreneur takes the time out to test drive every product in her line, even if it means applying and removing liquid lipstick a whopping 25 times.

It’s safe to say the top swatch is probably a nude shade for fair skin since it’s nearly blending seamlessly into Kat’s skin. As for the darker shade, could it be a purple hue? A bombshell brown? A sultry scarlet?


We’re also curious if the 25 new shades include a few of the colors Kat has teased on IG before. *taps chin*

Will we finally be getting our hands on these blueish gray and coral shades she posted months ago?


Or this delicious brown?


We can’t wait for official pics and swatches of the new liquid lipsticks. If you go overboard and splurge on all 25 for an epic Snapchat try-on sesh, be sure to treat your lips to a little post liquid lipstick pampering.


Kat recommends Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Scrub ($18), and by the looks of this close-up, we might need to grab a jar to get us through winter.

There isn’t an official release date yet, other than it’s coming out soon! We can only hope that these 25 new shades will still run for $20 a pop like her existing Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection!

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