Kat Dennings Explained Why She Stood Up for Billie Eilish Against Body Shamers

"I felt personally affronted by [the hater's comment]."

In mid-October, a troll took to Twitter to try to slander Billie Eilish for having “developed a mid-30’s wine mom body” during quarantine. The comment was made due to the fact that Eilish dared to wear a more revealing outfit in comparison to her usual baggy shirts and long pants. The hater was berated with defensive comments and called out for body-shaming an 18-year-old girl, and one of those Eilish defenders was Kat Dennings of Two Broke Girls.

“Anyone reacting to @billieeilish having a normal body has to take a hard look at themselves,” Dennings tweeted on October 14th. “As someone who looked exactly like that at her age, it’d be nice for this unhealthy nonsense to fuck right off.”

Dennings signed off, She’s beautiful and normal goodbye!

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on November 3rd, Dennings said why she felt it was so important to use her platform to stand up for Eilish.

“Any woman in the spotlight is already under a tremendous amount of pressure and the internet is gross and awful and I hate it,” Dennings told ET. “I don’t know if it’s because she’s so young and it just feels so inappropriate for anyone to comment on any young person’s body. People forget themselves because the internet is this wall they can hide behind.”

Dennings continued, “I felt personally affronted by it because she’s a beautifully young girl who is making unbelievable, earth-changing art. I mentioned in my tweet that I looked exactly like that when I was her age and I had a horrible time.

“Things have improved as far as body image for girls and boys and everybody—things are more inclusive now,” she said. “But when I was growing up it was not like that. I hope people know that people are in their corner and that [body-shaming] is not okay.”

Agreed. And as long as we have people who are on the same page as Dennings who are unafraid to step up and point out wrong body shaming is, we will hopefully move farther away from it being a norm.

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