Kat Dennings just shared a picture of her first gray hairs, because she always keeps it real

It’s no secret that Kat Dennings is one of our favorite people. She’s smart, funny, and insanely real. Which is why we’re none-too-surprised that Denning just shared her first gray hairs with us via Instagram. That’s right. Instead of trying to hide it, Kat grabbed her phone and snapped a close-up pic, sharing the moment with more than two million followers. And this is why we love her.

The 30-year-old raven-haired beauty (who had gorgeous natural red hair as a child!) proudly showed off the handful of grays, captioning the photo “THAR SHE BLOWS.”

Dennings is simultaneously making us feel better and laugh.

Commenters were thrilled to see the photo, taking a moment to post about their own experiences with going gray, many sympathizing with Kat and letting her know her “wisdom locks” are coming in.

Kat always keeps it real on Instagram, posting hilariously awkward throwback photos and funny moments with friends. Check out some of her best (and most relatable!) Insta moments.

Looking so fly donning balloon hats with her doll.

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Posing with new friends.

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Celebrating National Dog Day appropriately.

Thanks for sharing all of your hysterical and awkward moments with us, Kat. We love you for it.