Can we all take a moment to talk about Kat Dennings cute AF black sparkle nails?

Let’s face it; the greatest thing about finger nails is that they can be painted. And you know who’s been getting creative? Kat Dennings!

Remember when Dennings sported the blue nail polish trend a few years back? Well, all eyes are back on her nails, because they’re dark and wonderful and wintery. And kinda sparkly, too.

Lucky for us, she took to Instagram to debut her latest manicure! And it’s the absolute best, because a glimpse of her sleeve tells us she’s wearing a cozy knit sweater too.

"That stress ball lyfe."

Other than the fact that that’s the coolest and most colorful stress ball we’ve ever seen, did you get a good look at those nails?! They’re, sexy, sassy, and oh-so-special. And the beauty/fashion inspo from Kat Dennings doesn’t end there.

"I like to enchant everyone in the Pilates studio with my novelty socks."

Need some new shoes?

"Careless ninja."

And this is just…the cutest thing ever. Obviously.

Clearly, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit with fun painted nails and quirky socks.

We’re glad that Kat is paving the way! THANK YOUUUUUUU.